What is the best diffuser for essential oils?

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1. The most complete and uniform instrument for diffusing essential oils--Using the principle of Bernoulli fluid mechanics, the pure essential oils are rapidly atomized into microparticles and evenly dispersed in the air.

2. A diffuser that produces negative ions--the essential oil molecules that physically vibrate into fine particles generate friction with the air at a very high speed, thus forming a high concentration of negative ions, effectively neutralizing the positive electrical factors in the air that are harmful to the human body.

3. No need to add water to heat, to ensure the purity of the essential oil - atomization and diffusion at room temperature, no need to add water to heat, to ensure the purity of the essential oil

4. The essential oil is fully atomized, which is more beneficial for the human body to absorb - hundreds of millions of pure essential oil particle molecules are scattered in the air, which is more beneficial to the human body to absorb

5. The fragrance lasts the longest - the particulate molecules evenly dispersed in the air are naturally adsorbed on furniture, floors and walls, the fragrance slowly volatilizes, the fragrance diffusion effect is good, the duration is long, and the effect of essential oils is maximized.

6. Does not deplete the oxygen content in the indoor air--because it does not burn, the oxygen in the air will not be depleted, and the safety is high.

    This principle is the most effective way of diffusing essential oils among all the diffusing tools, and negative ions have a certain purifying effect on the air. If you use better essential oils, you must match them well Saddles are not wasted, such as diffused sandalwood, jasmine and rose, which are very expensive essential oils. The difference between lighting a lamp and ion shock is very obvious. Of course, if it is just cheap air, it will be another matter.

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