what essential oil diffuser is best for a large space

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What essential oil diffuser is best for large space ?

Fillscents aroma diffuser used Two fluid air atomization tehnology ,using the principle of high -speed air flow of compressed air ,makes the essential oil and gas mix evenly and disperse into particles . Fine particles were separated into nano-sized essential oil particles by high speed ion rotator.


Fillscents EDF-1005 small area diffuser equipment ,the shell is made of high strength special processing materials ,resistant to falling and corrosion of essential oils ,can be remotely set for 4 working times ,the aroma concentration can be adjusted . This diffuser adopts independent research and development of air pump ,super large atomization volume ,the mist head and host can be decomposed ,and continous working life time can reach more than 10,000 hours . Aroma diffuser can be hung on the wall or placed independently at a corner . Also have economy type can be choose . Usage can be small office ,household , hotel lobby ,restaurant ,4S car shop ,cloth store , etc .


3000~5000CBM scent diffusion system has a compact body ,light and beautiful . use a long - life time air pump ,the continous working life can reach more than 8000hours . Applicable for sales hall , conference room , KTV ,entertainment places ,bars etc. .


Large 20000CBM aroma diffusion system ,suitable for industrail scent diffuser . High mist output ,4 times working setting . 




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