What is aroma diffuser ?

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Fillscents has force on aromatherapy aroma diffuser machine ,ultrasonic aroma humidifier and scent marketing for many years . We have Professional designer team ,strict quality control ,handmade production of every glass bottle . The essential oil nebulizer developed by our company is set of auxiliary instruments for the treatment of respiratory diseases . It is not only highly respected by atomatherapists and thoracic doctors in EU and US , but also recognized by British IFA and EU 9ECO-CERT

At normal temperature,the organic natural chemical molecules in the essential oil are atomized and diffused into the air by the principle of vibrating gas atomization . No need heated can release activity molecule of hundred of millions of particles , makes essential oil can be diffused quickly into the air .The persistence of sweet atmosphere is longer ,and diffused range is wide . It is now the best choice for clients who like aromatherapy .

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