Waterless Luxury Aromatherapy Cold Mist Pure Essential oil diffuser for Sleep

Wood +Glass
AC 100-240V
Ø110 x H210
Sample order 1 set, small order 1 carton
Waterless Luxury Aromatherapy Cold Mist Pure Essential oil diffuser for Sleep
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FS008 Products Parameter
Product name Essential Oil Nebulizer Fog output adjustable
Color Original wood Light 7 LED Lights ,adjustable
Material Glass+Wood Capacity 20 ml
Voltage inlet AC 100-240V Machine Weight 300 g
Voltage outlet DC 5V Machine size Ø110 x H210
Operating mode:diffuser 5mins,stop3mins ,automatic power-off after 3 hours


● At normal temperature,the organic natural chemical molecules in the essential oil are atomized and diffused into the air by the principle of vibrating gas atomization . No need heated can release activity molecule of hundred of millions of particles , makes essential oil can be diffused quickly into the air .The persistence of  fragrance atmosphere is longer ,and diffused range is wide .

●  No Water ,No Fire ,No Heat . High precision atomization of pure essential oil, maintaining the composition of essential oil, effectively removing odor, cleaning air and removing harmful gases

●  Creative design, glass bottle , twist switch. Fluid design and simple operation . Small diffuser can bring it to everywhere .

●  Add Essential oil easy ,drop within 10ml oil ,can last about 24hours .The fragrance expansion space can reach 30 square meters

● It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with medical alcohol or white vinegar


Care Instructions


● Avoid using for more than 3 hours .

● Avoid using benzoin, sandalwood, aloes and other thick essential oils alone

● Single or compound 100% pure essential oil can be used, but essential oil containing base oil and essential oil of unknown source cannot be used .

● The pregnant and people with special reasons should consult a doctor before using essential oil.

● Please place the machine out of the reach of children .


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